Enrich Your Body- What To Wear For Boudoir Session

Nov 15, 2020 Photography Tips

Not sure what to wear in your boudoir photos? Stylist Emily Mc Claren has all her needs covered!
When it comes to deciding what to wear with boudoir photos, there are some who love the option to search websphere for getups and accessories. For others, it’s about creating panic. Suddenly you are faced with a million and the question – ” Do I buy a black body or a nude one? Wait, ready ” > can I ever reach the body? It’s not just celebrities like Rhianna and Lady Gaga who can wear something like this. Should I google to see them?” And suddenly they get lost in a spiral browser tabs and self-doubts.

For those of you who may relate to the last, good story, we have exactly what you want . Meet Emily McClaren-a fashion aficionado. He’s got your cover. From the concept of actual shopping, he is there to help along the way.

We recently teamed up with Emily for a fun, fresh, spring model session with one of our beloved clients from the past. check out our collaboration below and skim over Emily’s styling process.

1. Step: Concept

First, I start by checking the mood we want to convey for the exact project. I prefer to start a conversation with each client in terms of “feeling” they want to present the event. This question helps me get into the client’s mindset. I often find that clients have difficulty finding the exact pieces they’re looking for; it’s much easier for customers to determine the look they’re looking for using certain adjectives (i.e. edge, cool or soft and sweet). It seems easier to return to consensus when using one’s verbiage, perhaps even alone with the subject (i.e. ten years or place).

2. Step: Inspiration

I’m not just talking about” feeling ” or looks, but also asking clients to share inspirational photos they’ve collected. This will allow our visions to advance. It’s also an easy way to determine what you like and don’t like with some particular style or photo. I also encourage you to check your social media. It helps me visualize who I am dressing, your personal style, even if the best shades and colors .

3. Comfort level

The next question is perhaps the most important. I ask clients which (if any) areas of their body they want to hide completely different. I also ask if there are looks/styles that don’t fit your personal vision. I like to push clients out of their comfort zones. I respect the client’s vision, but my job, especially in the boudoir, is to bring the client beyond daily life into touch fantasy. In addition, my passion is to enable customers to feel beautiful and safe in our collaboration. I will do my best to strike a balance between comfort and safety .

4. Step: Color, Textures And Styles

Sometimes it’s easier to figure out what we loathe than what we like when it comes to style. We all have our own lists of things we may never wear, and no convincing amount proves otherwise. for example, if someone hates the color pink or would ever wear anything with lace, I would do my best to avoid those dislikes. I call for flexibility in collaboration because something that usually results in a customer not choosing a particular garment can actually improve the final look. in the end, I will always be able to respect the customer’s emotions.

5. Step: Logistics

My goal is to respect each client’s schedule and budget. During the logistics discussion here, I can often confirm the measurements, as well as possible first adjustment dates, to ensure that everything looks good .

From now on, I will create and narrow down the looks that, in my opinion, address all the components of the project. I offer several options from which I can settle down . This step method may require some back and forth until we land the absolute best option.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

After nailing the exact parts the customer is wearing, we start talking about any accessorization we want to offer to complete the design (i.e. necklaces, earrings, rings, shoes, etc.).).

Ultimately, my job is to bring the client’s vision to life. on my behalf, style and fashion is all about storytelling and the absolute best client!

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