Fall In Love Here: Mara’s Natural Boudoir Photography

Nov 6, 2020 Adult Photoshoots,

While social media is flawed, one thing we love about it is the power to interact with amazing new people. Like Mara, whom we met on instagram through a profile of a mutual friend. Mara is a lifestyle model and has worked with her beloved Tanya Renelt in many commercial films. when we have a previous message that we are trying to find new themes in our portfolio of work, Mara has reached US. His positive, charming way even appeared in practice!

We were so happy to finally film with him for a few weeks. I know him from the camera, but he’s a newcomer to boudoir. a little like all our clients, she had a lot of the worries and trepidations about stripping her underwear. We assured her that she was in good hands, which many, many other women had known just as they had in our studio.

Although Tanya fixed her hair and makeup, we looked at some of her inspiration photos on pinterest. His boudoir board was full of responsive, natural, restrained images, with ‘ less being more feeling.”A white shirt and an oversized, comfortable sweater were the ideal choice for the results he was looking for. Part of two sessions, we’ve turned you into a classic black slip that feels stylish off the shoulders {these pictures will return next week}.

We had so much fun getting to know Mara. We knew we liked their messages back and forth, but we were totally crazy during their meeting. We look forward to seeing you next week as the real woman of all two, sharing your amazing story of living with epilepsy, including four (four!) Brain activity, and does its part to strengthen awareness of the issue .

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