Ms. L shares her memorable experience of doing a boudoir film in a chic dress

Gifts for the bride’s groom – for a birthday present, Mrs. L. went to him and booked a boudoir photo film.

You might recognize Mrs. L from last week’s post with her Boudoir-inspired Boy look. within one week we share the following pictures together . If you can’t tell, blue is one of his favorite colors, and rightly so. She looks incredible in these two Outfits.

After years of wanting to do a session, she was finally ready.

When we asked Mrs. L. What inspired her to do a boudoir Session, she said, “I’ve been looking forward to it for a few years, but I expected the right time. With the primary birthday being Paper, I think it was an honest time to demand the jump!”


Like many other women, Ms. L said she was a little worried before the meeting, but “I didn’t do it before”, but one in the hair and makeup she began to relax. “Pamper yourself with amazing hair and makeup, and chat with the whole Crew (Champagne has also helped a bit!), I was ready to relax and regain my confidence.”

Her advice to other women considering a photographic film :

We love and could not agree more with his advice to other women who are on a photographic film monastery. “You do not have to lose the last five pounds! There is always something that we consider a” mistake, ” but that makes everyone Special. If you remember to try it, just drive in the hay, you will not be disappointed!

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